Alcohol and drug use

In the teens and early 20’s, some people start to try new things, including drinking alcohol or trying other drugs. If you are under 18 it is safest that you don’t drink any alcohol as it is toxic to your brain because it is still maturing. If you are over 18, it is recommended that you limit drinking to 2 drinks per day. Drinking more than four alcoholic drinks in one day can be harmful for your health.

You might also be offered or see people using illegal drugs. These drugs are illegal because they can cause serious issues for your physical and mental health and can be very addictive.

If you are concerned about drug use or would like more information about alcohol or drugs, these services are confidential and free to call 24/7:


W:  T: 1800 888 236

Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice service

W: T: 03 9415 8881