Expectations of GPs

What will I be asked to do? Information for GPs

If your practice is taking part in RAd Health you will be asked to:

  • Complete a brief survey at the beginning and conclusion of the trial assessing your demographics, knowledge, and practices with respect to young person’s health.
  • Complete a short (approximately one to two hour) online induction training to support implementation of the young person’s health check in your practice.
  • Give your consent to receive a support package including the Young Person’s Health Assessment screening tool which will be embedded into your electronic medical records software, regardless of whether or not you are in the intervention group
  • You will need to notify reception (i.e. in comments as you close the appointment) so that if you are in the intervention group, the rebate payment may be triggered
  • Give your consent for de-identified data to be extracted from your EMR throughout the trial using a data extraction tool called GRHANITE™ which will be installed on a clinic computer. This tool will extract de-identified patient information related to the RAd Health Trial. GRAHNITE™ has been developed with the latest security concerns in mind and uses features and system to ensure patient data is not compromised.
  • At the six-month mark and 18-month mark, you may also be asked to undertake optional telephone interviews to ascertain your perception of how the intervention worked in your practice. If you are selected for these interviews and agree to take part, you will be paid $100 as reimbursement for your time.
  • We will recruit a sample of approximately 25 young people from your clinic during the trial to complete surveys about their experiences as a part of our economic evaluation. The research team will discuss how best this could work for your clinic and will provide staff to facilitate this.