Clinic Staff

General Information about the RAd Trial

Regular health checks are important to maintain young people’s mental, physical and emotional well being. GPs and nurses want to deliver these health checks, but barriers such as lack of consultation time can make this difficult.

Despite many GPs and nurses wanting to provide these important health checks, limited consultation length is a key barrier to delivering them. This National Health and Medical Research Council funded study (NHMRC APP 1184842) will investigate if by funding a longer young person’s specific health consultation and allowing a nurse to assist, a Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) rebate will increase detection and management of risk behaviours and health conditions in young people.

This health intervention has the potential to provide benefits for young people’s health now, into future adults’ life and the next generation of children. The RAd health trial will also help establish whether a rebate payment i) increases detection of health conditions, and management activity such as STI checks, contraceptive prescription, mental health plans and referrals); ii) is cost-effective. This trial is aiming to address the frustration many GPs and nurses feel about limited resources restricting their ability to implement health checks by providing a rebate payment for each young person’s health check performed (one rebate per one young person in a 12-month period). Additionally, each participating practice will receive a payment of $1800 to be paid in two instalments: at enrolment and six months post-enrolment.