CPD program for GPs

From 1 January 2023, the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) requires GPs to:

  • Log 50 hours of CPD each year
  • Complete a professional development plan each year
  • Refresh their CPR skills each triennium

Refer to the RACGP website for information about the new-look CPD program for GPs. The 2023 CPD handbook is available via RACGP login. 

Activities for CPD

CPD activities are required across three activity types: 

  • Educational activities
  • Measuring outcomes
  • Reviewing performance

Some activity examples are available at this link. Hybrid activities are when one learning experience covers a combination of two or more activity types.

As relevant, log your hours of educational activity, measuring outcomes and/or reviewing performance in your myCPD Home. An example of how to self-record CPD across the three activity types is provided on page 7 of the CPD handbook (available via RACGP login). 

These CPD activities can be achieved by logging learning that occurs within day-to-day practice, completed standalone, or combined with RACGP CPD Provider-led activities. You may also pursue hybrid activities, when one learning experience covers a combination of two or more activity types.

NB: The following activities and associated type are suggestions only. You are responsible for determining the activity type, logging, and submitting these activities.

Potential activities related to RAd Health

The RAd Health trial is investigating whether providing a Medicare rebate will help enable GPs and nurses to provide annual health assessments to young people aged 14-24, resulting in better health outcomes for young people as actual and potential health issues are addressed.

The RAd Health team has prepared the following suggestions for GPs and nurses participating in RAd to submit hours across the three CPD activity types. Click on the icons below to view some RAd Health components that may be applicable to each CPD activity type, with a focus on how you might claim additional hours based on your day-to-day practice.

If you conduct young people’s health focused activities as part of your day-to-day practice, this may go toward your CPD. Again, this is up to you to submit and gain approval from the RACGP. RAd Health is unable to offer accredited CPD hours.

Click the following images to learn more about the potential CPD activities available:

Thank you to Jane Goller and the MOCCA team, Jen Francis and Hennie Williams for assistance developing this resource.