Smoking and vaping

Cigarettes and e-cigarettes (‘vapes’) are very harmful to health. It can become very difficult to stop smoking or vaping once you have started.

We know from years of research that smoking can harm nearly every organ in your body and causes many diseases including cancer.

Vaping has become popular over recent years, but we now know that it can also cause many health problems including lung injuries and nicotine poisoning. There is more information about vaping available here:

Did you know?

  • In Victoria, it is generally illegal to sell, possess, or use vapes that contain nicotine
  • Vapes contain lots of toxic chemicals that don’t belong in our lungs. Experts are worried about the impact of these on health.
  • Many vapes are mislabelled in Australia and contain nicotine, even when they say they don’t. In fact, one vape can contain as much nicotine as 50 cigarettes.

For more information about smoking/vaping or for help quitting contact:

Quitline a service that can offer you tips and strategies to help you quit smoking and vaping.

W: T: 13 7848