Reviewing Performance

Activities that require reflection on feedback about your work

Direct Patient Care (with evidence of outcomes)

  • Conduct a chart review or a case-based discussion:
    Review a young person’s health assessment and outcomes following a consultation and discuss the management/outcomes with colleagues to optimise patient care or provide intervention/management/care options
  • At a Practice Meeting:
    Review the RAd website and other resources RAd provided for conducting a young person’s heath assessment. Potential discussion points: What are the GPs responsibilities? What challenges are encountered? What factsheets and resources are used to support patients with questions?  How is the GP-patient discussion documented? Are there areas for improvement? Are there other resources you can use? 
  • Example audit:
    Audit a sample of your patients aged 14-24.  Compare your progress notes to your reading of YP guidelines and resources and identify areas for improvement.  For example:
    ·       Was a HEEADSSS assessment carried out and recorded in the notes?
    ·       Did you diagnose the young person’s concerns according to guidelines? Consider mental and physical health.
    ·       Did you discuss a referral and or follow-up appointment?
    o   Did follow up occur in recommended timeframes? What was the result of these appointments?
    o   Present your audit findings to a practice meeting. Are diagnosis rates as you expected? What about no-show rates?
    o   Facilitate a discussion with your colleagues about how they go about a young person’s health assessment in their rooms.  What information do they provide their patients? How is a referral organised? What other options and work processes could be implemented to support a return visit?

Supporting Patient Care (with evidence of outcomes)

  • Present a summary of a reading(s) to the evidence-based journal club and collect feedback from your colleagues about your presentation. Ask them to evaluate your speaking skills and ability to summarise academic/clinical writing. Did your presentation facilitate learning and understanding? Did the journal club influence and change your practice? If yes, in what way?
  • Role Play: Reflect on the factors that would prompt you to have a discussion with a young person who has indicated that they do not feel safe at home. Refer to the HEEADSSS assessment guidelines. Discuss in a practice meeting or elsewhere with your colleagues about how to manage this discussion about safety in an unrelated consultation.