Measuring Outcomes

Activities that use your work dates to ensure quality results

Direct Patient Care (with evidence of outcomes)

  • Have a clinic team meeting with RAd Health Researcher(s) to discuss young person’s health assessments conducted related to involvement in the trial
  • Young people and STIs (or choose another health concern) Review: Review a sample of your patients aged 14-24 who presented and requested STI testing. Compare your management notes to your readings about young people and STIs (RACGP guideline here). Consider: does the patient’s clinical picture suggest any other diagnoses? Were all key investigations conducted (STI, pregnancy test) and were any diagnoses missed?

Supporting Patient Care (with evidence of outcomes)

  • Conduct research and utilise the findings to develop resources that can be used in young person consultations (e.g. an updated fact sheet that can be handed out to a young person after their consultation; local resources in your community)
  • Role Play: Reflect on how you would have a discussion with a young person about their need for mental health care via a referral to mental health services. Role-play this with a colleague or friend and then check their understanding by asking them to explain it back to you.