Educational Activities

Activities that expand your general practice knowledge, skills and attitudes

Supporting Patient Care

Complete RAd Health Baseline and Induction Surveys:

Expand knowledge and/or improve practices when seeing young people in preparation for participating in RAd Health

Complete RAd Health online Induction training: (2 hrs)

Click here to access the online induction

Participate in the RAd Health Process Evaluation interviews

At 2 times during the trial, complete a 30 min. interview (via phone or Zoom) with a member of the RAd Health team. Questions will cover the impact of a rebate on the number of young people’s health assessments, continuity of care for young people, acceptability, harms, potential barriers, and facilitators to conducting the health assessments; discuss reasons why the intervention did or did not work at increasing adolescent health assessments.

Participate in the RAd Health audio diaries:

At six points during the year, complete audio or text diaries sent to a member of the RAd Health team. Topics will broadly cover: What worked well; what did not work well; unexpected conversations or outcomes; the effectiveness of the provided resources; possible improvements or suggestions for running the health checks.

Listen to a podcast or online tutorial:

Podcasts on a range of adolescent health topics you may feel you need further information about (see page 14 of the induction materials).


RACGP Curriculum and syllabus for Australian General Practice – Child and youth health: Click here to access this resource.

Start an evidence-based journal club. Some suggested readings relevant to RAd Health:

Topic: Young people and Mental health:

Marianne J. Webb, Sylvia D. Kauer , Elizabeth M. Ozer, Dagmar M. Haller and Lena A. Sanci

Topic: Youth-friendly primary care:

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Topic: YP Health risks:

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Or, choose your own!